Medium Backpack, Little Monsters, Bouncing Bob


SKU : LMBP1193

This useful, monster-sized cool Bouncing Bob kids backpack makes sure the children are easily visible in low light and dark conditions.




This useful, monster-sized cool companion by Lassig invites you to picnic outdoors. Its wide straps make it easy to carry and can be individually adjusted to the size of the child. A chest strap provides extra stability. A lot of items can fit into the backpack's large main compartment.
The front picket is perfect for holding a food container, and the side pockets have room for a water bottle and sunscreen. A clear name badge sleeve is on the back side to ensure that Bouncing Bob and Mad Mabel won't get lost. The bags also provide additional road safety under low light and dark conditions. The monster eyes and teeth glow in the dark when exposed to light in order to provide good visibility and safety on the road.

product featuresmaterial:
100% polyester
features:insulated front pocket, large outside pockets, main compartment, name badge, snap hook, zipper pocket
capacity:4,55 l
sample:Bouncing Bob

Little Monsters
Look:kids backpack, kids bag
lining:100% polyester
care instructions:do not bleach, do not iron, do not tumble dry, do not wash
recommended age:from 4 years
Length (cm):24
Width (cm):13
Height (cm):30
Weight (kg):0,3
Length (inch):9.45
Width (inch):5.12
Heigth (inch):11.81
Weight (lbs):0.66

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